Ammonium perchlorate safety measures

Ammonium perchlorate is quite a dangerous element that must be handled with extreme precision and caution due to its flammability and oxidizer properties. At Aldebarán Sistemas S.L., we constantly work on keeping our safety measures clear, and on making sure that each one of our workers understands the rules and advices to follow in order to maintain our workplace safe. For this reason, we believe that is crucial that all the information about what to do in different hazardous situations is available for everyone, being able to check information about ammonium perchlorate safety measures.


Prevention and ammonium perchlorate

Every safety measures sheet must contain an actuation plan, but also a prevention plan that helps to avoid any kind of risk for the population or the environment. Each substance handled in our company has a specific prevention plan depending on its particular characteristics. In the case of ammonium perchlorate, the following advices and rules are stated:

  • Keep ammonium perchlorate away from any kind of heat or ignition source , as well as any hot surface, or any open flame.
  • It´s adviced to not smoke ammonium perchlorate .
  • Keep the substance away from clothes or any other combustible material.
  • Don´t breathe the chemical compound in any of its possible forms : smoke, gas, powder or vapour.
  • After handled, please, wash your hands conscientiously.
  • When handled, please, wear your protection equipment : gloves, clothes, protection mask, and glasses.
  • Avoid mixing with other combustibles .
  • Don´t realease ammonium perchlorate into the environment.

First aids and ammonium perchlorate

As we were saying before, there is a prevention plan, but also an actuation plan that explains what to do in case of different situations related to accidents with ammonium perchlorate. The following points explain how to apply first aids if a person contacts ammonium perchlorate in any way :

  • Inhalation : In Aldebarán Sistemas S.L., we advice to move to a fresh and open space and to breathe fresh air in case of inhalation. If the person who suffered the incident is not breathing or their breathing is unstable and/or shows difficulties to breath, provide artificial respiration and call a doctor. The main symptom of ammonium perchlorate inhalation is respiratory tract irritation.
  • If skin contact : ammonium perchlorate can irritate your skin, cause blisters and dermatitis, for what it´s recommended to wash your skin if it entered in contact with the substance. If the irritation persists, call a doctor and ask for further advice.
  • If eye contact : if ammonium perchlorate has touched your eyes, we strongly advice you to wash and clean your eyes with fresh and cold water for, at least, 15 minutes. We also recommend to take off your contact lenses if you are wearing them, and to always look for medical assisstance.
  • If swallowed : in case you swallowed this chemical compound by accident, contact a doctor as soon as possible. You should rinse your mouth with abundant water too. If a person around you swallowed the substance and they are unconscious, never give anything by mouth.

What to do in case of fire caused by ammonium perchlorate?

As a flammable and oxidizer substance, ammonium perchlorate can cause intense fires and explosions. If you need to know what to do in case of fire caused by ammonium perchlorate, follow these instructions :

The main way to extinct the fire is by flooding the space with water . However, in case of big fire, remember to fight it keeping a secure distance and evacuating if it´s uncontrolable. You must never try to extinct the fire if it has reached explosives. In this case, always evacuate the place as soon as possible.

Fire is not the only risk you should be aware of, but also the different gases that are released due to the combustion produced . Mainly, there are three different toxic gases created during a fire triggered by ammonium perchlorate: ammonium, hydrogen chloride, and different very reactive gases like nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide.

How to handle ammonium perchlorate?

Ammonium perchlorate must be handled in a specific way , following particular rules and steps. For working with ammonium perchlorate , you should take the following advice into account:

  • Handle the substance away of heat and wet sources .
  • Do not subject ammonium perchlorate to friction or any kind of shock .
  • Don´t use it on an asphalted surface .
  • Avoid contact with other flammable or combustible elements while handling ammonium perchlorate.
  • Avoid skin and eye contact by wearing reglamentary clothes.
  • Avoid releasing ammonium perchlorate into the environment .


How to storage ammonium perchlorate?

As well as knowing how to handle ammonium perchlorate in a safe and correct way, it´s completely neccesary to understand the different rules to follow towards how to storage ammonium perchlorate in a faultless way.

In the same way that happens when handling, you shouldn´t storage ammonium perchlorate next to other flammable or combustible substances, being required to keep it away from them. The place where ammonium perchlorate is storaged must also be away of any type of heat source or asphalted area.

About the way that ammonium perchlorate is packaged, we should keep it in small quantities away from one another to avoid any kind of explosion propagation.

Aldebarán Sistemas S.L. strongly recommend to ask for further information in case you have any kind of doubt about how to handle this material. Our company is one of the few ones that are able to distribute and supply this chemical compound given the strict rules and advice that we follow to keep the working area and our clients safe. If you have any query about ammonium perchlorate safety measures or you need an ammonium perchlorate supplier, don´t hesitate to contact us!